Does DoctorN follow the new Torn scripting rules?


I don't see any items in the city. Is DoctorN working?

Most likely, as the city finds feature has worked since day one. Up until now, every case of an empty city could be attributed to bad luck, but if you're still convinced otherwise please do reach us out.

I went to South Africa and there were no Combat Helmets for sale, even though Travel Hub said there'd be 7. LIAR!

We don't lie! Travel Hub is updated with information from our users. As such, it could be a bit stale when no one visits a country for a while. Also, keep in mind that by the time you get to your destination, items may have already been sold or restocked.

I heard you steal users' cookies/accounts/battle stats. You're evil!

That's definitely not the case. The extension has been extensively tested by multiple people who've confirmed so. Feel free to certify it yourself if you know how, and make sure to report it to Torn's staff immediately if you find any evidence of something shady going on (spoiler alert: you won't).

I love DoctorN!!!!

You are not alone!